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Serenbe Engagement Session | Valerie and Kris

Serenbe Engagement Session with Noble Sparrow Photography

When I think back to all of the people we have had the pleasure of having as clients, it’s so fun to see how our paths crossed…how we knew each other, or didn’t know each other. Sometimes our clients find us online, but later we find out we have mutual friends, and it feels like such a small world in those moments! But no matter how our clients found us or got connected with us, we are always so glad that they ended up with us!

Our story with Valerie and Kris started a few years ago when I worked with Valerie’s Mom as her teachers aid at a local pre-school. We had the two year olds, and I was so amazed at how Mrs. Tracy taught and loved on those children. I had an absolute blast working at that pre-school, and that’s mostly because I just loved working as Mrs. Tracy’s aid. She made such an impact on my life with the way she just loved on people and made everyone feel like they are so important and valued. When Bence and I got married it felt only natural to invite her to our wedding, and funny thing is, she brought her husband and her youngest daughter… Valerie! I think that’s actually the first time we met Valerie, and who would have known that a little over four years later we would be photographing her wedding! I mean, how fun is that? We just love these connections. 

From the moment we started talking to Valerie about her wedding, we knew it was going to be special. Valerie is so sweet and kind, and has that same loving personality that her Mom carries. When Valerie told us that she wanted to do her engagement session at Serenbe, we were thrilled! We had always wanted to do a photoshoot there, and I have to say, it truly was the perfect location for Valerie and Kris. They are so adorable together and it really shows in their photos! We had a lovely time walking the grounds and exploring all of the beautiful backdrops that Serenbe has to offer. We ended their session at The Serenbe Inn, where we met up with Valerie’s wonderful parents who had brought their sweet rescue pups for their photo op! Their dogs did so well, and really were quite the little show-stoppers!

Valerie and Kris, we are so thankful that you chose us as your wedding photographers. Having the privilege of reconnecting with your family again, and getting the opportunity to capture such a special time is something that we will always cherish. We hope you love your photos as much as we do; May can’t get here fast enough! <3

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