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Indian Springs State Park Wedding | Amelia and Sam

Rustic DIY Southern Wedding, Indian Springs State Park Wedding, Noble Sparrow Photography, Atlanta, Ga

Fall weather in Georgia has been all over the place this year. In the weeks leading up to Amelia and Sam’s wedding, the weather was really warm, with highs still up in the 80’s! But the day before their wedding, the temperature dropped to around 65 degrees and there was a beautiful breeze. I asked Amelia, “Is this the weather you were hoping for?” And her face lit up, “Yes!” She exclaimed, “This is exactly how I wanted it.” So on October 22nd, 2016, the weather was beautiful and perfect. The gorgeous Stone Pavilion at Indian Springs State Park was the perfect indoor/outdoor setting for Amelia and Sam’s special day. With light streaming in through the open stone columns, surrounded by their family and friends, and a light breeze twirling around them, they said “I do” to forever love, and forever companionship with one another.

It still amazes me, just how many truly wonderful people we get to meet as photographers. And Amelia and Sam are no exception to that. They are sweet, kind to each other, and Sam is truly hilarious…he can make his sweet bride smile, laugh, and light up a room at a moment’s notice. But one of the sweetest moments of the day was when Amelia walked down the aisle to So This Is Love (from Cinderella for all of you Disney lovers out there…how sweet is that!)  and Sam’s eyes welled up with tears, as his beautiful bride to be walked towards him. It was so beautiful, and so emotional! I was trying to keep it together at the front! It was such a truly beautiful day, and Bence and I are so thankful that we got to be the photographers to capture the joy and the love on display.

Amelia and Sam, thank you for inviting us into such a precious season in your life! And we hope you enjoy looking through some of our favorites from your wonderful wedding day!


p.s. scroll all the way to the end for a precious little story! you won’t want to miss it!

Rustic DIY Southern Wedding, Indian Springs State Park Wedding, Noble Sparrow Photography, Atlanta, GaRustic DIY Southern Wedding, Indian Springs State Park Wedding, Noble Sparrow Photography, Atlanta, GaRustic DIY Southern Wedding, Indian Springs State Park, Noble Sparrow Photography, Atlanta, Gaameliasam-blog-post_0004ameliasam-blog-post_0005ameliasam-blog-post_0006ameliasam-blog-post_0007ameliasam-blog-post_0008ameliasam-blog-post_0009ameliasam-blog-post_0010ameliasam-blog-post_0011ameliasam-blog-post_0012ameliasam-blog-post_0022ameliasam-blog-post_0013ameliasam-blog-post_0014ameliasam-blog-post_0015ameliasam-blog-post_0016ameliasam-blog-post_0017ameliasam-blog-post_0018ameliasam-blog-post_0019ameliasam-blog-post_0020ameliasam-blog-post_0021ameliasam-blog-post_0023ameliasam-blog-post_0024ameliasam-blog-post_0025ameliasam-blog-post_0026ameliasam-blog-post_0027ameliasam-blog-post_0028ameliasam-blog-post_0029ameliasam-blog-post_0030ameliasam-blog-post_0031ameliasam-blog-post_0032ameliasam-blog-post_0033ameliasam-blog-post_0034ameliasam-blog-post_0035ameliasam-blog-post_0036ameliasam-blog-post_0039ameliasam-blog-post_0040ameliasam-blog-post_0038ameliasam-blog-post_0037ameliasam-blog-post_0041ameliasam-blog-post_0042ameliasam-blog-post_0043ameliasam-blog-post_0044ameliasam-blog-post_0045ameliasam-blog-post_0046ameliasam-blog-post_0047ameliasam-blog-post_0048ameliasam-blog-post_0049ameliasam-blog-post_0050ameliasam-blog-post_0051ameliasam-blog-post_0052ameliasam-blog-post_0053ameliasam-blog-post_0054ameliasam-blog-post_0055ameliasam-blog-post_0058ameliasam-blog-post_0059ameliasam-blog-post_0056ameliasam-blog-post_0057ameliasam-blog-post_0060ameliasam-blog-post_0061ameliasam-blog-post_0062ameliasam-blog-post_0063ameliasam-blog-post_0064ameliasam-blog-post_0065ameliasam-blog-post_0066ameliasam-blog-post_0068ameliasam-blog-post_0069ameliasam-blog-post_0070ameliasam-blog-post_0071ameliasam-blog-post_0072ameliasam-blog-post_0073ameliasam-blog-post_0074ameliasam-blog-post_0075ameliasam-blog-post_0076ameliasam-blog-post_0077ameliasam-blog-post_0078ameliasam-blog-post_0081ameliasam-blog-post_0079ameliasam-blog-post_0080ameliasam-blog-post_0082ameliasam-blog-post_0083ameliasam-blog-post_0084ameliasam-blog-post_0085ameliasam-blog-post_0086ameliasam-blog-post_0087ameliasam-blog-post_0088ameliasam-blog-post_0089ameliasam-blog-post_0090ameliasam-blog-post_0091ameliasam-blog-post_0092ameliasam-blog-post_0093ameliasam-blog-post_0094ameliasam-blog-post_0095ameliasam-blog-post_0101ameliasam-blog-post_0096ameliasam-blog-post_0097ameliasam-blog-post_0098ameliasam-blog-post_0099ameliasam-blog-post_0100

I wanted to share one last story here at the end….because it is so so sweet!

We were wrapping up golden hour/sunset photos with Amelia and Sam, and as we walked up a a small hill to our cars, we saw some people waiting for us. A precious little girl, with her grandparents. They were camping at the state park and had been watching us take photos and this little girl really wanted to see Amelia because she thought she was a princess! A real one! The grandparents asked if the little girl might hug Amelia, and of course she said yes! So this precious little one starts running to Amelia, who scooped her up in her arms and let her touch her necklace, and her hair, and face. It was darling. The little girl kept on calling Amelia “princess, princess!” and telling her how pretty she looked. It was such a sweet way to end our photos for the day. There is nothing like the beautiful mind of a child. We exchanged information with the grandparents, and will be sharing these photos with them! Apparently this little girl hasn’t stopped talking about her experience with Amelia since! I hope this little story brought some joy to you today, just look at these photos!! <3


I love how she placed her little hand under Amelia’s chin….just too much cuteness!!


  1. Grandmama Tiney Willliams says:

    ALL of the pictures are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. You two did a wonderful job! And………………the sweet words ——my heart was so full with joy for Sam and Amelia. There is no wonder my eyes were full of water! Thank you for creating the moments again.

    • Noble Sparrow Photography says:

      Awww thank you! It was so lovely to meet you, your whole family is just a joy to be around! We felt so honored to be there to capture Amelia and Sam’s special day, and we hope you all can relive the memories for many years to come! <3

  2. Bonnie Rogers says:

    These are absolutely the best wedding photos I have ever seen! The bride is beautiful and the groom handsome… I pray they receive a lifetime of happiness….. The story at the end tops off the perfect wedding.

    • Linda Davis says:

      Beautiful pictures, so hard to believe our kids are all grown up. Wish you both all the joy in the world!

    • Noble Sparrow Photography says:

      Thank you so much Bonnie! We loved being a part of such a special and beautiful day <3 We hope all the best for these two wonderful people!

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